After reconstruction work began in 2009, Malgrate’s lakeside has become a modern place, very popular with both citizens and tourists. In the past it was structured differently: near the pier there was a pebble beach that descended to the lake, where women used to wash their clothes and where boats were docked. This place, which is part of the old nucleus, was among the liveliest spots, since most of the activities were carried out there.
The pier and the small port were frequently used, as at that time the lake traffic network was greater. A lot of the inhabitants of Malgrate indeed worked as boatmen to transport people to Lecco and Parè.


As reported by Vittorio Vassena in a testimony, in memory of the place: “Then there was the lake where you could fish. At that time there was plenty of fish and a straw with a hook was enough to catch bleaks. We spent time and brought something home. [To bathe] we were sent with a piece of soap and a towel to avoid carrying water up the stairs, at least during the summer.[…] Rowing on the lake was very common, but the few who had a boat were boatmen and often used it for transport services in order to earn some money”.


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