Dedicated to the fallen of the Great War, this monument is located inside the Park of Remembrance on the lakeshore of Malgrate sorrounded by numerous cypress trees.
This work dates back to 1923, between World War I and World War II. It was designed by the architect Monsignor Polvara who also restored St Peter’s Basilica in Civate. The plinth was placed in 1928, when the road was built and the pier extended; it was originally a fountain with a gas lamp, later moved to the pier.
The monument is made of stone and it’s engraved with the names of the inhabitants of Malgrate that died during the Great War.
On one side of the plinth you can read this: “the young, proud cypress bends down on the severe, silent marble and tells the later generations the glory of these humble heroes”.
The inscription on the lakeside was created for those arriving by boat, since people used to travel across the lake.


  • Tiziana Rota Malgrate da vivere, da conoscere da vedere”.
  • Curiosità a cura di Romolo Bonfanti.
  • Catalogo generale dei Beni Culturali.